Lucy Gives You More For Less

Who doesn’t want more for less?  Life is complicated enough without having to put forth more than necessary to gain the same results or even better.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  I am active in my church and community.  I am at a point in my life where I can sit back a little and enjoy what I have.  I have learned some hard lessons and have stumbled onto some ideas that might have made my life a little easier.

We all want to have more for less.  We want to be able to enjoy our lives more.  Whether it be in our faith, with our family or even amongst our community of friends.  We are always looking for ideas to make those hard times easier.

We all have our limitations.  Many of us don’t have the financial freedom to do what ever we want.  Many of us can only be pulled so many directions when it comes to the things involved with our daily lives.   I think that by scaling back on what we expect of ourselves, we will in turn, actually, have more in the end.

Come on this journey with me as I share with you the many ideas I have. I truely believe that, “Sometimes, Less is More.”.